Buy SoundCloud Plays 

  • 1,000 Plays
  • $2

  • 5,000 Plays
  • $5

  • 10,000 Plays
  • $9

  • 25,000 Plays
  • $22

  • 50,000 Plays
  • $40

When I will start getting Plays ?
Most of the time, we start sending plays instantly in our office time. But maximum it will take 12-24 hours to deliver your order.

Are these Plays coming from real people ?
 Yes, we provide plays from our large base community.All plays you will get for your track from active user on souncloud

Is that possible to get plays Splits to different days?
 Yes, for that you need to add a note on your order page that you need this amount of plays in that much days. Minimum we can add 1000 plays per day

Is there any risk for my Soundcloud Account for buying plays ?
No, your soundcloud account will be 1005 safe and secure for getting plays from us. And most of important things is we will provide real plays to your track

Is there any chance to get lost plays in future ?
 As our plays are real and from active user, so there is no chance to lose or drop any plays in future. For any kind of issue, you can simply contact us.Our team will reply you back in 24 hrs.